I believe that love and hate is presented in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Robert Browning poetry. I believe that both Shakespeare and Robert Browning poems show us that there is unrequited love, as well as how quickly love can change to hate. I’m going to present my reasons from Porphyria’s Lover, The Labatory, Julius Caesar. […]

I think Shakespeare shows the idea of love and  hate in Julius Caesar. I believe that he shows that love and hate are very similar and they can affect a persons judgement. Shakespeare uses Brutus and Antony to show how love and hate can be very similar. I believe that Brutus loves Caesar but not […]

John Humphrys wrote an article a few years back about how our English language has changed for a bad reason. He tells us how text language is destroying the language he loves and adores. The article written by Humphrys tells us how using a dictionary is one of the best feelings he has felt. He […]

It was the middle of July, in a cave in the heart of Afghanistan. Steve was lying in an undercut under a mountain, thinking to himself how he got there. Squashed up against the side of the undercut, blood slowly seeping out of his left leg and right shoulder. He took his rifle off and laid […]

The poet is saying that love and pain could be similar because, sometimes you cannot have love without pain. I believe that the poet is referring to a personal event in his life. He refers to things such as “for Eternity” his means that he wants to spend forever with that someone. I believe the […]

Miss Maudie believes that the rest of the county aren’t brave enough, to stand up against the trouble in Maycomb. I believe that Miss. Maudie is saying that no one is able to stand out from the rest, and everyone is being a sheep. ‘I simply want to tell you that there are some men […]

“Nobody has the right not to be offended”, I can agree with the house as we the people have the freedom of speech in the UK. With this anyone has the right to say things if they want as we have the freedom to do so. But I believe we should have responsibility to say […]

My topic is life in and out of the military and how it effects people. so far i have read Bravo 2 Zero and i have found that after Andy McNabs career in the military he had to hide his face which in a way destroys his personal life. The song Five finger death punch:Wrong […]

In chapter 10 we find out that Jem and Scout think their dad is not cool like all the other dads of Maycomb county. early in the chapter we see that the Finches are starting to get grief because, Atticus is defending Tom Robinson. It soon escalates when their cousin starts to call Atticus a […]

chapter 8 In Chapter 8 we find that Mrs. Radley dies and the Finches believe that Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley has finally got her. Mr.Avery says “the reason for the seasons changing is because of the bad behavior of children and the rudeness towards adults”. I believe Mr. Avery said this because, he is trying to […]