February 22, 2015

chapter 10 summary

In chapter 10 we find out that Jem and Scout think their dad is not cool like all the other dads of Maycomb county. early in the chapter we see that the Finches are starting to get grief because, Atticus is defending Tom Robinson. It soon escalates when their cousin starts to call Atticus a disgrace to the Finch name. In the end of Chapter 10 we come across a ‘mad dog’ on the street and Cal calls Atticus and the Sheriff to come. When they arrive the Sheriff pulls out a rifle and tries to get a good sight on the dog, but he cannot get a good enough shot so he hands it to Atticus. The children believed that their father couldn’t make the shot. But when he hit the dog in one hit. The kids were astonished when they saw their Father hit the dog down in one shot. From that moment on they didn’t believe their dad isn’t cool.

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  1. This is a fairly clear account of events, with effective exploration of how the children change their opinion of their father.

    1) How might you be more formal with this piece? Try to cut phrases such as ‘get grief’ or ‘not cool’. What would you replace them with?
    2) Why is this ‘talent’ different from others? Why would this have an impact on Atticus’ moral code and the values he wants to teach his children?
    3) remember to use quotations