November 6, 2013

Act 3 scene 3 Monday evening

Romeo says that if he is banished he might as we’ll kill himself.Romeo has just killed Juliet’s cousin and now he’s banished, then they hear a knock at the door, the nurse is knocking at the door looking for Romeo. Then the nurse says “o she says nothing sir, but weeps and weeps. And falls to her bed, then starts up”. The reason why Juliet is sad because, Romeo had killed tybalt and now he is banished so he can’t see Juliet.
Then the nurse says”here, sir, a ring she bid me give you , sir hie you, make haste, for it grows old Very late”. To me this means that if you give Juliet this ring your whole future with her depends on it. But then the friar gives another option which is you can go away but Romeo says” so brief to part with thee: farewell”. To me it gives the view that Romeo is going to go and give the ring to Juliet before it’s too late.