November 14, 2013

Act 3 scene 4

Late Monday evening
Capulets house
Juliet’s father makes plans for Paris to marry Juliet on Thursday. Paris says ” these times of woe no times to woo. Madam, good night, commend me to your daughter”, and then Juliet’s mum says yes. In this capulet is saying he wants Juliet to marry Paris, but he doesn’t know that Romeo and Juliet are already married, so he thinks that she is a single daughter.

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  1. Ronnie, you’re doing a great job of recording the key quotation in each scene. The next level for you to aim for is to include more information:

    1) The day and time of the scene
    2) The location of the scene
    3) A Key quotation from the scene
    4) Your observations about the significance of the scene to the story
    5) Any key devices you noticed while the scene was being read.