November 19, 2013

Response to advice

The reason how Shakespeare makes you personally relate to this story is because, you may have been in the position of Romeo and Juliet. Maybe you have like someone but the families don’t like each other.

The choice he is making is that he has a forbidden love and he Is risking his life for love, even though the families are enemy’s he is risking love to try bring the family’s together. The way he says “he can see it written in the sky, this means he is letting fate take course, this is like he’s saying he’s like a car and he’s letting god drive him to his fate and he’s taking the backseat and he’s letting his fate to take place.

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  1. This is great analysis Ronnie. You’re touching on two really important aspects of Shakespeare’s work. The first is the fact that it deals with what we call “Universal themes” – ideas and situations that affect every human being. The other is that you’re explaining the way a metaphor works in a great deal of detail – we call this “unpacking” a metaphor and it is an essential skill in English.

    Well done.