November 22, 2013

Act 4

Tuesday afternoon Wednesday morning
In these scenes the capulets are planning for the wedding and then Juliet comes in and says she will obey him but she knows that he plan will work and they bring the wedding forward. Then when she’s alone she starts thinking that the friar maybe is trying to kill her. Then she takes the vile. In the morning they are planning for the wedding then lady capulet walks into Juliet’s room and finds her dead in her bed then they bring the friar to the vault and some musicians. The best quote is “I drink to thee” this means she making a toast for Romeo.

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  1. This is very good, Ronnie. You’ve got a strong grasp of events and you select excellent details.

    I’m very pleased to see you using, and explaining, a key quotation.

    A few small issues:

    1) Don’t forget capital letters on all names, like “Capulet”
    2) The potion bottle is spelled ‘vial’

    Mr Waugh