March 19, 2014

film review

Pi( Suraj Shama) is a boy which lives in India, which can not decide what religion to believe in. Then it all changes.

Ang lee’s ‘Life of Pi’ is a amazing achievement of storytelling with great visual affects the film is inspired by the worldwide best-seller.

The story involves the teenage Pi is drifting across the Pacific Ocean with a adult Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Now they find themselves alone together fighting for survival then they find hope. during the film it jumps from the present to the past and feels like Pi is telling you the audience the story of his life.

During the film it raises so many questions. like is Richard Parker going to eat Pi, or even is the the whole story true or was Pi making the whole story up. Later in the film that question makes you debut the whole story.

In conclusion i think that ‘Life of Pi’ is a really good film, with great visual affects. This amazing film also tests your faith in religion and it you have faith in that you will survive.