chapter 8
In Chapter 8 we find that Mrs. Radley dies and the Finches believe that Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley has finally got her. Mr.Avery says “the reason for the seasons changing is because of the bad behavior of children and the rudeness towards adults”. I believe Mr. Avery said this because, he is trying to make the children behave. Later on in the chapter we find out that Mrs. Maudies house sets on fire.

chapter 7
In chapter 7 we find out that Jem has got a lot on his mind but he hasn’t told anyone yet. “When i went back, they folder across the fence … like they were expecting me”. When Jem said this it made him think about whats happening because, he believes something is reading his mind. Jem and Scout believe its Arthur Radley. Also in chapter 7 scouts starts second grade, she still thinks school is bad but shes happy in a way because, she gets to walk home with Jem.

chapter 6
In chapter 6 Jem and Scout want to keep a eye on Mr.Avery because, of his astonishing performance of him peeing a arch off the front of his porch. Also in this chapter we see when the Finch children and Dill were in the Radleys garden. When they were in the garden a shadow passes behind Jem when he is near the window. They then heard a gun shot which scared the children. When they come back Jem goes to get his pants so the people of Maycomb don’t think he was in the garden, he goes to retrieve his pants. While Jem is getting his pants Scout thinks that boo Radley is out to seek revenge.

Chapter 4
In this Chapter, one day when Scout is running home from school her attention is caught by something shiny in a knot-hole in the tree on the Radleys front porch. When she gets close to the tree she see what it is.. a chewing gum wrapper. Scout decides to eat the chewing gum. When Jem comes home and sees Scout eating the gum he asks where she got the gum. “that tree yonda”, pointing at the tree on the radleys. He starts shouting and threatening to tell Atticus because, he’s been told anything on or to do with the Radleys is Poisonous. I believe he threatens Scout because, he wants to protect Scout, when he was younger he was told to stay away from them and he is passing it down to Scout.

Chapter 3
In chapter 3, Scout catches Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard and beats him up for being the reason she got in trouble, but Jem stops her.She explains to Jem what happened. Jem invites Walter to come home for lunch with Scout and him.At the Finch house, Atticus talks to Walter about farming, while Jem and Scout listens. Later in the Chapter Miss Caroline encounters Burris Ewell for the first time and she tells him to go home and wash his hair, but what she doesn’t know is that they only go to school on the first day then he doesn’t come back.

Chapter 2
In chapter 2, Scout goes to school for the first time. When she gets there Miss Caroline says that Atticus and Calpuina should stop teaching Scout how to read and write. Also in this chapter Scout gets into trouble because, she is trying to explain why Walter Cunningham cannot pay back Miss Caroline as he doesn’t have any money. I believe in this chapter Miss. Caroline is showing Naivety because, she is new to the town and she hasn’t learned everything and she is punishing the children because she doesn’t know anything to do with the Social contracts in Maycomb.

Chapter 1
In chapter 1, we are introduced to 2 main characters Jem and Scout. It says that Jem has broken his arm. They also talk about there Neighbors the Radleys. They also describe how the day to day lives/social contracts of the town which they live in which is MayComb.

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  1. Hello Ronnie,

    Well done for going back and filling in these gaps. This will make an excellent revision guide in Year 11.

    Chapter 8: was Mr Amery right to say this to the children? Why would Harper Lee include this in the novel?

    Chapter 7: How does Harper Lee create sympathy for Boo Radley by the end of this chapter?

    Chapter 6: How does Harper Lee create tension in this chapter?

    Chapter 4: Why is Boo Radley placing these gifts and treasures in the tree?

    Chapter 3:what do we learn about the Ewells during this chapter?

    Chapter 2: How does Harper Lee show the characters act when faced with shame?

    Chapter 1: what happens in this chapter that foreshadowls other events that undid over the rest of the novel? Alternatively, how are social contracts established in this chapter?