“Nobody has the right not to be offended”, I can agree with the house as we the people have the freedom of speech in the UK. With this anyone has the right to say things if they want as we have the freedom to do so. But I believe we should have responsibility to say things which could ‘offend’ people. We can think things and we have the right to say the opinion. For example in France Charlie Hebdo, drew a Picture of the profit Mohammed, he had the right to draw the picture, but i believe he should have known something was going to happen. In this portion i am saying that you have the right to speak your mind as it is your right.

There is another thing to all this, if people say something which ‘offends’ you you also have the right to to take offence by the comment. If someone says something against your religion, you don’t have to take offence by it. People can take offence in many ways, some people don’t show anything and others will go out and do physical or brutally. In this case Charlie Hebdo and others were killed for a ‘Offensive’ portrait of the profit Mohammed, they choose to take offence of something which doesn’t seem to be that bad because, people draw portraits of Jesus Christ nothing happens.